Welcome to the Office of Cultural Affairs

The Office of Cultural Affairs’ (OCA) mission is to create an environment where artists and cultural organizations thrive by advancing and supporting the arts for the benefit of the citizens of Columbia.  The OCA strives to enhance the artistic, management, and marketing capabilities of local artists and arts organizations; increase public and private resources for the arts; develop a broader audience for the arts; and encourage cooperation, partnerships, and collaborations within the city’s diverse cultural heritage.

The Columbia Arts Fund (formerly the Columbia Arts Foundation) is an arts endowment fund established by the City of Columbia to aid in the sustainability of arts funding.  It is a component fund of the Community Foundation of Central Missouri and will be used to augment annual organizational funding once it reaches $100,000.  The Fund is overseen by the Office of Cultural Affairs and a citizen’s Commission on Cultural Affairs.

Your donation to the Columbia Arts Fund is truly an investment in our community, making Columbia a livelier, more enjoyable place to live, to work, and to raise a family.